Sunday, October 2, 2011

We love Estes

We headed to Estes Park in our beautiful Coloradofor a fun mini-vacation over Labor Day.
 I have to share the fun memory!

We started in
Rocky Mountain National Park...
so pretty!
My hot man and sassy pants...
We had fun scoping out deer outside
the door of our cute little condo...
see it back there?
Our condo was along Fall River...
and there was a hot tub spa in the room -
which was where AK spent most of her time!

When we got out...

Matt and AK took over the
Attempted the big slide
(I totally rode this when I was a little girl!).
Matt had to ride down solo.
Miss Thang is usually so brave -
but this slide was a no-go.
Mini-golfing for the first time for Allikaye...
She loved it!!
She said she needed to take a picture
of her golfing to show the boys in her class
that she can golf too!
Mama could still swing -
the pregnant belly wasn't getting in the way yet!
Can't say the same for right now!
I look 6 months pregnant with these twins in me!
Even though I am about 3 months...
there are 2! Ah!
Allikaye was bossy with getting pictures taken -
she demanded one with this guy...

We really love going up to Estes.
It is so beautiful -
a Colorado Treasure!


amanda said...

uhm i think i need more baby belly please :)

hope you are feeling well!!

Mike and Wendy said...

I am with Estes! We were there over the Labor Day weekend too!

Rhonda Marie said...

So I love catching up on your family outings but I want some pics of YOU with your cute pregnant belly!!!! Seriously, you're killing me! :)

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