Sunday, December 30, 2012

9 Months!

 Every month I have been able to take
the cutest happy pictures of my
growing babies...
and now...
the 9th month...
Cam just did not want to pose
for mama any more!
 Kai was just cool, 
wondering what the deal with sister was...
 And finally...
she just had enough!
And believe me, the crying stopped immediately
after I picked her up. 
She loves to be held and snuggled.

 Kai boy this month is non-stop movement...
literally non-stop. 
I joke that he touches every surface 
of the downstairs 10 times in an hour.
He also has 6 teeth! 6! 
He chomps through his cookies and crackers quick! 
We are expecting him to walk anytime now!
He loves to go furniture to furniture...
and pulls up on everything!

Cambria girl is standing and 
pulling up like crazy too.
She is more content to stand and eat her cheerios
(which she loves)
for awhile and then cruise around and play with Kai. 
Music comes on and Cam starts the dancing right away!
She bounces her legs...
shakes her head back and forth...
and flaps her arms. 
Can't stop the beat in this girl! 
 There are a couple teeth trying to make their 
way out...
and causing fevers and the yucks.
Hopefully soon!
One of the biggest joys of this month
has been the laughing and smiles
that are heard shared between Kai and Cam.
They are so loving each others company
more and more.
When I am driving, 
they just look over at each other and
I get to hear squeals and laughter the whole time!
I watched one day and Cam would look away from Kai
and then turn her head quickly towards him...
causing him to crack up!
She knows what makes him laugh!
And when I bring them into each others room after naps - 
they have the biggest smiles when they spot one another. 
Pure love.

I love that they have each other.


Rhonda Marie said...

Brings tears to my eyes to see those sweet babies and how big they are getting! You can tell they are just the sweetest things! Love the updates and love you guys!!!

amanda said...

i just can't believe how big they have gotten! they are both just the sweetest mama!! happy nine months and happy happy new year :)

ps - love all the new header pics!!

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