Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas!! Babies First!!

 We started off with a letter to 
Santa written by Allikaye...
Dear Santa, 
Good luck delivering the presents. 
Thank you for being so jolly. 
I hope you like my bark 
(edited from "cookies").
Love, Allikaye
 We opened stockings bright and early
on Christmas morning!
A SNOWY Christmas morning!
Loved it!
 Pretty Cambria...
in the same outfit Pretty Allikaye
wore on her first Christmas!
 My precious babies...
 Waiting for grandma and popa to 
come open presents and eat breakfast with us!
Hi, Cam!
 Hi, Kai!
 Watching Daddy shovel all the beautiful snow!
First Christmas is a white Christmas!
 Lots of presents!
 So happy!!
 Allikaye had so much fun
getting everything she asked for
and more!!
 Cambria was happy to get her first princess doll!
 Cam riding on Kai's new car...
Allikaye in her new robe!
She wanted one so bad...
and hasn't really taken it off since! ha! 
 Poor big sister waited until all the 
excitement of presents was over for the day, 
then the fever came on. 
Poor girl slept for most of the afternoon...
 We were all tired, 
and enjoyed the most relaxed Christmas we have had!
So much fun to celebrate
the birth of our Savior with
3 (!) kids! 
The excitement, smiles, innocence, 
and pure joy is what it's all about!

Merry Merry Christmas!


a boy a girl and a pug said...

They are so precious! What an amazing Christmas!

amanda said...

i just can't even imagine friend!! so so so much fun :)

ps. and i love seeing you back in my world! xoxo!!

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