Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy birthday, Allikaye!

My girl is six...
hard to believe that 6 years has gone by
since the day I laid eyes on my angel girl. 
She has filled our lives with 
joy, laughter, and blessings upon blessings. 

Happy birthday my wonderful! 
 Six year old Allikaye...
Loves the Lord
concerned about people that may not know Jesus
wants to be a vet
such a little mother to the babies - 
worries about them 
(where they are, if they are putting things in their mouths...)
wants us to pray with her every night...comes downstairs if we forget
loves nights when she can watch a movie 
in bed before sleep (non school nights)
wants chicken nuggets and ranch every day for lunch at school, 
except on Thursday pizza days
loves to write and make up stories
reads everything...signs, commercials
asks how to spell things all the time
could stay in her pjs all day everyday
loves stuffed animals
never tired...or at least she says...except when sick
asks questions until she fully understands something
very conscious of right and wrong
the other morning she said, "mom, I am really excited to go to school today! 
And I am not even being pathetic!" 
I said, "Do you mean sarcastic?" 
"Yeah! I'm not even being sarcastic!"

True love.


Erin and Nathan said...

Cool blog...nice job my native sister. Happy Birthday to my first niece! Can't believe she's 6...when did that happen??

amanda said...

happy happy six sweet girl!!

and happy *birth* day to you mama :)

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