Friday, January 25, 2013

Ten Months Old!

Here are my little twinkies!!! 
10 months old!! 
Each have separate and beautiful personalities...
and each bring me so much joy. 
SO much joy.
 Getting harder to take these month shots! 
Only 2 more and they are one!
So hard to believe!
 Mr. Kai is such a non-stop machine!
He has learned to sign "all done"
Would rather me feed him with a spoon than finger feed
He loves giving mouth...
so cute when he goes up and kisses Cam's little head. 
He now has 8 teeth
Waves hi and bye
Still wakes up in the night to eat (boo)
Says meaning "more" when he's eating. 
Loves life. 
 Miss Cambria is sweet sweet sweet
She has mastered clapping and melts our hearts 
with the little smacking
 Loves waving hi and bye
Finally has teeth! One and a half
Says "cat" in a sweet little whisper
Mostly sleeps all night
Developed quite a little scream...
especially when Kai takes a toy.
Would be fine with only one nap a day (boo)
Loves her pacifier...but not as much as her big sister did
Would rather feed herself than me spoon feed her
Laughs a big belly laugh
Loves all those around her
 Here are some snapshots of my 10 month olds...
 love this little close eyed look - he flirts with his mama like this...
Always moving...
and climbing...
and getting into baskets...
Sleeping baby...
Tupperware cabinets provide much needed 
entertainment while mama is trying to cook...

10 months has gone so very fast with these two...
and I will be as repetitive as needed
and say...
they are pure joy. 

Stop the clocks...
one year is coming up too fast!


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