Friday, May 9, 2008

Inanimate Objects

First, do you know how hard it is to spell inanimate?
Well, here ya go...Webster's Dictionary defines it as:
not endowed with life or spirit - an inanimate object.

I have a tendency to love so-called spirit-less objects. More specifically...I get very attached to cars. Please say you do too...
Whenever we sell a car I feel a sense of sadness, like the poor dear is going to miss it's family! When my parents got me a cute new car in college, they traded in my old one - before I could even say goodbye! Oh! It's just that they become such a part of your life!
I was thinking of this, because we have recently welcomed a new inanimate darling to our house. Please meet, Tori the Torrent (oh, I failed to mention that I name them also)...

Isn't she cute?
She makes me feel like I have reached real mommy-ness...drivin' in my mid-size SUV...hehe...

However, I feel that we should take a moment of silence for my previous little dears that carried my loved ones to and fro...
The Golf Ball (my hubby's college car...named for the hail damage that so ravaged her poor body one fateful night)
Goldie (I'm sorry I never got to say good-bye to you)
Cherry Seven-Up (you were a true hooptie, you purple car you, I treasured waking up many mornings to find that you had been broken into - those silly thiefs thinking you had a bumpin' system in you...because you did have those tinted windows that screamed "I'm hiding something good in here...break into me!")
Beep the Jeep (although you were more Dad's car - you filed him with joy 4-wheelin)
And dear Pretty...
you went through the scary accident with me...and sadly...I am the only one that walked away...Do have silly pet-names for your cars? I would love to might make me feel a little less weird about the feelings I have for mine! Love to ya!


amanda said...

i never knew you were supposed to name your cars...until one of my bff's shared her car's name. sadly i have only been clever enough to name two.

one vicki the volvo and two hercules the jeep (it's a long story). :)

but i love all your names and am so glad you walked away from pretty!!

and yes - me, beans and my new mac book are getting in the car heading your way for a mac party!!

Candy said...

Sorry, no names for cars here. I can relate on the attachment issue though. :0
Wow, did that accident happen recently? Girl, I'm glad you are okay!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

first off... your old car... wow... thank God you're okay!

very cute new car! chipper cherry red... way fun!

oh yes... my vehicles always have names! my current is Miles... he is a guy... of course! the nav system has an english accent so "Miles"... like the miles it drives... it fit! :)

April said...

No...cant say that I name my cars...but I certainly feel so sad to get rid of one...epsecially the car that Chloe rode home from the hospital in...I still miss that one...well heck...wait...I do name cars....her name was yea...I do !!

hautemommy said...

OK, I do not name the cars but I do get so attached as well!! They spend a lot of time in your life and I feel it is important to give them a proper goodbye:) I am shopping for a new car to love at the moment (which is a headache in itself haha!!) but I will make sure to name this next one! :) And by the way, your new car is so adorable!!!

And my art project?? Not cool!!! I had to make a re-creation of Hosukai's "Great Wave off Kanagawa" and present it in my art history class. So glad that is over with haha!!

Have a great weekend!! xo!

dani said...

we all had names for our cars in high school. HA!!! mine was the pickle, stacy's was the robin egg (because it was robin egg blue), rachel's was the pumpkin, jeanne's was the rubasu (it was a subaru), susan's was betsy (i guess the only real name), etc...
speaking for myself, i didn't hate getting rid of my green datsun (it was unattractive and blew two head gaskets in route to and from college).
however, i did get slightly attached to my grand prix (she was nameless but all cars are "shes"; aren't they???) we bought when katherine was born. katherine, however, became very attached unbeknownst to us. i can still remember her crying when i traded her (the car/not kat) in on my white windstar (akz the black hole, the party wagon, etc...) when she realized the grand prix wasn't coming home with us too.
i was probably most fond of the black hole... but when she had traveled too many miles, she was traded for the commander i have now. i still miss her some days... especially when i pull up to the gas pump:b
thanks for the trip down car memory lane!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

Rhonda said...

I miss Cherry Seven-Up...such great days in that car. Can't wait to see your new ride in July!!! We watched our wedding video last night for the first time and it was so funny to see your speech...such a great BFF you are! (By the way, Jared says "that's one hot whip yo, straight gangsta") Love you!

Amy Bell said...

oh yes..I do name favorite was my college car..a 1984 Volvo station wagon that could seat FOUR people in the backseat with no problem...she was baby blue and her name? Secret.

Amy Bell said...

SOOO glad you are ok. Just looked at the last picture again and it was glad you are ok.

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