Friday, May 2, 2008


Julie from Joy's Hope (awesome signs) tagged me! Yay - I needed a little bloggin' motivation!

4 Jobs I've had...
  1. Barista (fancy word) at a drive-thru coffee shop...big time tips
  2. Clothes folder and "greeter" at Abercrombie & Fitch (yeah, yeah, I know)
  3. Secretary..."Village Square Business Center. This is Ashley. How may I direct your call?"
  4. 2nd Grade Teacher (love it)
4 Movies I watch more than once...
  1. Baby Signing Time (and now many other editions with even more signs!)
  2. Legally Blonde (yeah, I'm really a deep person)
  3. Clueless (it's sad but true...I can pretty much quote the whole movie)
  4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (I watched it so many times when we lived in Germany - I think it was my way to feel American?)
4 T.V shows I can't miss (please don't read if you are going to judge)...
  1. The Hills (spin off of Laguna Beach - on MTV - I am so addicted - just love it!)
  2. Whatever big reality show of the season (Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor)
  3. Sports Center with my husband (haha)
  4. Friday Night Lights (I heard it was being canceled - but now I heard it's not?)
4 Places I've been...
  1. Hawaii...honeymoon..heaven
  2. Switzerland (my fave European country)
  3. Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome - so priceless to see the streets where Paul walked)
  4. Mexico - a month ago baby!
4 Favorite foods...
  1. Mashed potatoes
  2. French toast
  3. Desserts of all shapes and's a few...cold raspberry soup...gooey chocolate caramel cakey brownie nutty melty something...chocolate fondue...mmmmmm
  4. Most everything from Chile's...oh...yum
4 Places I'd like to visit...
  1. Australia...closest I've got is my Australian Shepard, Tre!
  2. New York City
  3. Idaho to see my bestest friend...hi, Rhonda!!
  4. Your mom's house
4 Things I'm looking forward to this year...
  1. Allikaye putting all her words into sentences (although her little words are so sweet right now)
  2. Watching the amazing blessing of Allikaye learning more and more
  3. My hubby finishing his educated that boy is! And the party to be held at Chuck E. Cheese's...his idea...hahaha!
  4. All I can think about is my sweet Allikaye...I just can't get enough of that chick!
Four four four! Hope I wasn't a bore! Did I score? Do you want more? My fingers are sore! Would you like an apple core? Allikaye can bye...


Amy Bell said... to lose a guy in 10 many times have i seen it? who knows, really. love the post. my favorite part was Abercrombie and Fitch..only b/c I interviewed for regional manager out of college..yep..but, took a job at an ad funny.

dani said...

three questions:
what is raspberry soup (what's in it)???;b
are you literally from switzerland (like born and raised there)???
you may have already answered this one; but, where (what resort) did you stay in mexico???
dani xx

Julie said...

Doesn't Lauren have the best hair and makeup ever? I watch it for the simple fact that I am desperate to have swoopy bangs like hers. Sad. My hair wants nothing to do with bangs regardless of how many seasons of The Hills I put it through.

Candy said...

That was so fun to read!! You are so funny, girl!!

amanda said...

i too could watch how to lose a guy in ten days like every day. really. i puffy heart it :)

wanna come over?

Brad & Jill said...

Love The Hills. Although, Heidi's lips are kind of bothering me. I really miss Big Brother....Fun rhyming game there at the end!!!

E and T said...

Hi Ashley

I have come across your blog via a comment you left on Dani's blog. I just wanted to let you know that I visited.

You sound like a girl after my own heart - with a love of desserts, Etsy and the fact that you love teaching 2nd grade.

Pre Mummydom, I was also a teacher. I also have so many Etsy stores bookmarked, mostly ones where I can buy things for my nineteen month old little girl. I love some of the children's artisits featured there and have bought a number of prints through Etsy for her room.

I loved looking at all of the adorable things you have recently received and/or bought for your precious Allikaye. Those gorgeous shoes look so comfortable for her.

Warmest wishes

April said...

ditto ditto ditto on CHILIS !!!

I could marry CHILIS I love it so much !!

lily eden said...

hi there! great "4"'s! Thanks for stopping by my blog, so happy you did! I'd love to see pictures of any bottles you make--they're so fun! I hope your daughter loves 'em (shes adorable as well!). Happy day! Gonna add you to my blogroll :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Always fun to read these!! We are big reality tv gals too!! Have a wonderful evening!

kari & kijsa

Boy & Girl said...

So glad I'm not alone...I heart the Hills too! And that's so cute that your husbands graduation party will be at Chuck E. Cheese!

amanda said...

hi it's me again :)

i know you just got tagged, but i loved learning more about you so i uhm kinda tagged you again!!

sorry - it's ok if you don't want to play :) said...

i like this version of tag.

fun to read.
it's obvious you are lovin' being a mama!

i love friday night lights!!
if it gets would suck. :(

and i would assume you and your husband talk about how badly you'd beat everyone on amazing race the way my husband and i do? :)

Julia said...

Guilty as charged...I love Friday Night Lights too! I think that the writer's strike has caused it to be gone from us for a while...but it will be back this fall as far as I've heard. However, they have been showing it on Saturdays here in ATL on My Atl TV. Lucky us I guess...since football is like religion down here!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

lOVe this! how neat! loved all your answers!

isn't working in retail hard... i can remember folding through all hours of the night... ugh!

mashed potatoes ARE a gift from GOD! :)

Kendra said...

I love Friday Night Lights too. I do believe the show is coming back for another season and I am so excited! I also love The Hills. I wish Lauren and Heidi would make up!! lol
I love How to Lose a Guy ... such a great movie.

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