Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Beanie and A Wagon

Oh my!

We also have been wanting a wagon for our walks to the park...mostly to save mama's arms because I end up carrying Allie most of the way.
Here is my darling love kissing her new wagon!

Have a happy week!
It is my last week as a full-time second grade teacher!!
Woohoo! I am beyond excited!


amanda said...

the beanie is adorable!!

(so is the baby wearing it)

and yes i puffy heart craig's list - we sold our jeep within minutes of posting it!!

i can't wait to hear more about the new job!! and year round school?? must know more!!

dani said...

i had never heard of either site, ashley. but, i intend to check them out in a sec:)
allikaye is simply divine in her beanie. she will be the envy of all the little girls on the block especailly when she rides by waving in her new, red, two-seater radio flier!!! ADORABLE!!!
yeah, for being out of school for a while:D do you like year-around???

April said...

Cutie Pa Tootie in that hat...I could just bite her...

We have that same wagon...you will log many fun miles in it....and that is a promise...enjoy !!

Anonymous said...

yes! swim lessons are a "do"! At least i think so anyways....!!
so so cute, those pictures!!

Bethany said...

Too cute of a hat!! I saw that Etsy seller on Lily Eden's blog and ordered the EXACT same rainbow hat that Lily has for my daughter! And I LOVE it!! And I also love the pink one that Julie has and your super cute pink one! Since we live in AZ, beanie wearing season is short, but they are SO darn cute!!

Julia said...

Awww what a cute hat. She looks like a 1920's flapper girl! :)

Brad & Jill said...

Too cute!!!! I wanted to pass on a website that a friend told me about...http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/ It has a ton of activities to do with preschoolers that no doubt Miss Allikaye will LOVE!!!!

Chance said...

I love Etsy, and AJ loves his wagon! Allikaye is absolutely adorable in her new beanie!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Adorable hat, adorable photos!!
kari & kijsa

meg duerksen said...

so cute!
i can't imagine my girls wearing hats....but maybe me?

lucky you on the wagon!

Amy said...

I found you through Megan... super cute hat... love the blocks you made... and your daughter is adorable! (I love her name!) I teach 1st grade in KS, I'm curious about your year-round school.

Bmer & Kass said...

we have the same wagon...addie won't get out of it! we can just pull it in the yard & she'll just sit in it, totally content! good find!

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