Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I woud like to thank...

This is how excited I am...Kendra... at A Superhero, Princess, and Monkey... bestowed upon me two...TWO...awards!
I love them...they made my! Woohoo! I am excited, can ya tell??
I just adore Kendra's blog -
she's funny, witty, inspirational, same political views as me :0),
and she's an amazing mama to three gorgeous kids!
This smooch from Allikaye is just for you, Miss Kendra...
Here is the first award...
This one means so much! I try to exhibit the fruits that this award says...and more than anything I hope this one serves as a reminder to me to 'keep it real!'
I am tossing this "Wings of Compassion" award over to
1. Julie at Joy's Hope...she gives daily craftiness and inspiration...LOVE her...and she lives in Cali...which I think is cool in itself! She also makes perfect signs!
2. Stinky Toes Design...she is such a wonderful example! You should read her latest posts about a missions trip in NYC...she is a true vessel for God to work through! And her etsy site is awesome too!
3. Brown Eyed Fox...her posts always have a poetic and creative tune to them! She also has a rockin' etsy site!

And here is the second award...I love this!!
I could just bounce this award all over to my many blog friends!
You all make my life so much richer - just by reading your daily words and seeing your pictures! Thanks to everyone that reads this (friends and family) and to everyone that provides me with amazing blogs to obsess over daily!
So this award goes to...(Kendra, even though you already have it...hehehe)...
1. Amanda at Life Long Playdate...I think if she came to Colorado -we would be instant BFF's! :0) She is a great mama and I truly love her posts...and she got this from Kendra too...but I had to do it!
2. Lindsey at What Would Kate Gosselin Do?...if I ever need a laugh...this is where I rock girl! Also - an awesome and fun mama!
3. A Boy, A Girl, And A Pug...not only do we connect with our Bachelorette views...I love her blog - it is always fun and true!

I do LOVE YOU THIS MUCH, girls!!
I want to throw a big P-A-R-T-Y for all of you someday - wow - wouldn't that be fun!


Amy said...

just found you through "joy's hope". Your little girl is so adorable!! and I was curious to know your bachelorette views... do share!

Trish said...

i found you over at Joy's Hope! I love your music and your little girl is too adorable. Lovin' the kisses she gives that pic could win a prize or something!

I also just love those blocks. I saw the tutorial over at a sparkly messy life too and fun! :)

amanda said...

honey stop it!! how sweet are you??

i love you -----this----- much back!!

and yes if we lived in colorado we would totally be bffs :)

thanks again friend!!

Amy Bell said...

oh my are so wonderful, really. i so wish we lived closer...i feel like i know you sweet of you...

i would love to have a party someday! it would be wonderful to meet you in person!


kate said...

Thanks for the link. You are on my reader now. I need to update the blog with my reader. It's going to take me hours.

cute awards!

dani said...

congratulations, ashley. isn't kendra a sweetheart!!!

Kendra said...

You are simply way too sweet! And I adore that Kiss Kiss ... I feel so special. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Give that sweet little girl a big hug for me. :)

I big puffy heart your blog. You are very deserving of both awards....especially the Wings of Compassion. I thought of you instantly. It is a perfect fit.

Julia said...

Yeah for you!!! How fun :)

Boy & Girl said...

No way...You are too sweet! I am so honored! Thank you girl!

Becks said...

Awards are the best! Congrats to you!!

Ok a bit off topic...but I LOVE the sweater that Miss Allikaye is wearing in the top picture!! Where did you find it?? She is one well dressed little girl, her mama has style!

lexsmama said...

What sweet awards! I found you from Julie's blog and had to pop over! I love it! And Allikaye is simply adorable.


Julie said...

You are my new superhero!
Thanks for the kindness and goodness!
I heart Ashley!

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