Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

10 Reasons I love my baby's daddy:

  1. He got a tattoo that commemorates Allikaye's and my initials...A!
  2. He takes Allikaye to Chuck E. Cheese - just the two of them - and brings the camera to take pictures!
  3. He is the strongest-football-player-lookin'-tough-guy I know...yet he can cry at dad/daughter songs... don't tell him I told you that.
  4. He sits in the bathroom every night while I give Allikaye a bath - just to keep us company.
  5. He reads Bible stories to Miss Allikaye.
  6. He can do a great beat-box sound to distract Allikaye while I am trying to change her diaper (I need all the distractions I can get).
  7. He doesn't let the hugeness of his tall and buff body slow him down when getting in Allikaye's Dora ball pit with her!
  8. He takes Allikaye to Pottery Barn Kids and lets her play with their displays for hours on end.
  9. He will walk her to sleep when mama just feels like she can't do anything but lay with her head under the pillow.
  10. He is his daughter and wife's hero! He is working hard, getting his master's degree, switching careers, and still finds countless nights and days to spend hanging out with us! We love you, you great man!!


Allison said...

So sweet! Matt is a good guy...a keeper for sure!

dani said...

matt sounds like an incredible dad and husband, ashley!!! lol, and i'll never tell him you told the WHOLE WORLD that daughter/daddy songs make him cry:DDD

lilyeden said...

Awwww....whatta great post for the man in your sweet!

amanda said...

love the list :)

hope daddy day was lots of fun!!

Grandma Gigi said...

Hi Sweetie, I love Matt too, but I just don't get the picture on your blog. He looks like a criminal. What's up?

Kendra said...

Thats a great list. I think your husband is truly lucky to have you as his wife! :)

Hope you are having a fabulous day.

hautemommy said...

What a sweet post!!! You are a lucky lady! :) Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day! xo!

Boy & Girl said...

so sweet!

Amy Lue said...

AWW!! You can't see it, but I'm making a heart with my hands right now.

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