Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sew What...

Hello sewing machine.
I have missed you.
Even though I didn't even realize it.
I'm sorry for the neglect.
I am a stay at home mom now,
which means I can now be your friend again.

I have youtubed how to thread you.
And really you have opened up a whole
new world of crafting for me.
Is all this in the Mr. Budget?

Here is the inspiration...
Julie at Joy's Hope.
I love this girl!
She has been a great bloggy friend for a bit now...
so when she told us "non-sewing peeps"
to get off our seats and sew...
So I joined her scarf along!!

Here are my nice beautiful cut fabric pieces...
ready for my scarf.
I got the fabric from Material Gal on Etsy.
Oh my...I love this fabric!
Look at the dots and birdcages!!

Our first week of homework was
to get to know our sewing machines.
After some choice words and the youtube videos...
I became a friend to my dusty old Singer.

I went a little sewing crazy!
First I made this easy and cheap and cute
bandanna dress!
eeeee...I love it!

And then I tried out a reverse applique...
and then after this little lopsided 'A'...
I made 3 more for Christmas presents!!

Thank you, sewing machine.
You are going to be a great friend for this mama.

If you know of any easy tutorials
for me...hook it up!
I want to learn and make more!!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

You ARE a "sewing machine"... I too love your scarf fabrics! I finished sewing mine together and ironing mine last night!

Melissa said...

Man, where was this hidden talent in college? I definitely would have taken advantage of that!
i'm so impressed.

amanda said...

is it sad that i want a sewing machine but the last time i sewed was in 8th grade.

thought so.

ps - your work looks amazing!

Libby Lu said...

SUPER ca-ute!!!!!!

you make me wanna sew...just for a second though!

Rhonda Marie said...

I have a sewing machine that I have never used...maybe I will get creative and make something special for the baby room! Thanks for the inspiration!!

dani said...

how fun!!! i cannot wait to see your future creations, ash... funny, i taught myself how to knit a couple of weeks ago via youtube:)
much love,
dani xxx

laura said...

YEAH!! I love to sew these days too. I still dont know what im doing..i just wing-a-ding it! :)

So much fun! Love your scarf fabric choices!! I wanted to do the scarf along too but el-budget wouldn't allow :(

Have fun!!

Becks said...

Woops!! The comment above by Laura is me Becks, haha! Had my other email account logged on ;)

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