Monday, November 30, 2009

Super quick...

Happy post-Thanksgiving!
We had a crazy post weekend over here...
but happily decorated the casa for Christmas!
Love how cozy the tree and garlands and wreaths make everything feel!
Here are some sneaks of the happy things around here...

I also took advantage of the hubby being home
and whipped up lots of scarves!
Here is a super dorky cheesy picture I took of myself...
you can also see the camera strap cover I made! here are 3 shots from our Thanksgiving...
Here are my pretty curly haired sis-in-laws,
SWEET Baby Anna,
and the straight haired Allikaye and me.
Auntie Katie with her 2 nieces!
Here's the little turkey herself!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Tomorrow is December!
Love it!!
Oh, and happy advent time!!!
I wrote about our Jesse Tree Advent
Devotions here...from last year!


Danielle said...

first, LOVE your Christmas're so classically stylish. second, love, love, love the scarves you just "whipped" up. can you make me a cute one, please??? seriously, it'd probably take me a week to make ONE. :)

Lianna Knight said...

Cute pics!! I can't wait to see more of your decorations!! Are you selling those scarves on your Etsy Store??? Because I would SURELY buy one :)

amanda said...

ahhhh!! just added another thing to my christmas wish list...the camera strap cover!! r these going to be in your etsy store?? if so i am totally sending hubby the link!! i LOVE it!!

Melissa said...

Love the new blog background!
Love the Christmas decorations..don't you love this time of year?
Love the scarf and especially love the camera strap!
Happy post-thanksgiving to you my friend!

kate said...

Loving the new header...very cute!

You inspire me lady. You are a great, creative, and spirit filled mama and I love reading.

I don't always comment (I'm a quick reader) but know that you encourage me everytime you write.

thanks for the ideas about the princess post, very encouraging.


Libby Lu said...

ASH!!! look at all your hair! i love the length, how SUPER pretty you are!
i want a scarf too! if you make me a black and purple one with definitely some star patterns, i'd love it so much!!!! yeah, do that! =)

Becks said...

I have a very big crush on your camera strap cover!!! I love the fabric! That is onmy "To Do" list of projects I want to make!!

AND SUPER DUPER proud of you for making that scarf!! It is beyong cute!!

I also just wanted to say how much Miss Allikaye looks so much like you! Lucky girl to have such a pretty momma!

dani said...

miss thang made a positively stunning turkey!!! happy advent to you, too, ash:)))
much love,
dani xxx

Jessica said...

I LOVE the scarf! Next year I may do a Jesse tree. We're working on a manger for this year a little late but we'll have it done nonetheless.

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