Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent Time Tradition...

A tradition that Matt and I wanted
to definitely carry on with our Allikaye
is our nightly advent time.

I love that our time isn't focused
on getting a treat every day...
even though we do that too - it just isn't the focus.
It is focused on the reason we have Christmas and celebrate it!

We have a Jesse Tree...
which is just a smaller Christmas tree.
But the only thing that goes on this tree
are our advent ornaments.
One ornament is placed on the tree
every night after our devotion.
I made our ornaments out of felt this year...
I am about two days ahead with making them
so I am sewing away!

The world was the first devotion...
we read from Genesis
and talked about how God created everything!
Next comes the apple...
and the rainbow
(representing what it was made to represent!).

I just love this time!
Here is a link to where we get our devotions.

I had to put this picture in from last year...
she loves her advent time too!

We also light our advent log.

Matt's dad made this for us after we were married,
carrying on Matt's family tradition.

A white candle is lit everyday,
red on Sundays,
and on Christmas all the candles are lit!
So pretty
and special!!
Sorry about the blurry pic!
We always end our time with Christmas carols...
or lately...
Matt and me singing
while Allikaye dances and twirls around!

This is such an amazing season
and it takes us to be purposeful about
focusing on what we should be focused on!

Couldn't resist...
here's another pic from last year!
Ah! She was so small!!

I added 2 scarves
and camera strap covers
to my etsy shop...
just for fun.


dani said...

i love making jesse tree ornaments... the jesse tree is such a wonderful idea:) i cannot believe how much allikaye has grown. she's just beautiful!!!
much love,
dani xxx

Melissa said...

ah how fun!
I can't belive how much Allikaye has grown!!

Jill said...

What a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for the the log of candles, so beautiful!

amanda said...

love this friend!

and seriously how little was she??

ps - hoping that hubby has contacted you about my new camera strap...not that you can tell me...but i will be giving him another gentle reminder tonight :)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Cool advent ideas... BTW your scarves turned out GREAT, I too added flannel to the backs of mine making it not such a skinny scarf... I love the color combos of your fabrics! Mine are greens, brown, and aqua with a hint of orange!

Becks said...

I really love your advent tree and that you do devotions that correspond!! How sweet too to sing carols and have Allikaye dance around! What a beautiful family time!!

Love the pics of miss thang what a cutie munchkin girl!! Amazing how much they grow in a year hey?!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the link to your family devotions. I am going to go to it. So great to see you truly focusing on the reason for the season. Happy weekend.

Rhonda Marie said...

I just love that! That was one of my favorite traditions growing up around Christmas, only we just did it Sundays up until Christmas...I have never seen the daily devotionals! Can't wait to start the tradition with our little family next year! Love you!!

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