Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas for an Almost 3 Year Old...

Our Christmas time started at the
Christmas Eve Service at church!
Here is Miss Pretty Girl
posing in front of the
(that's what she calls them)
Pretty Christmas dress!
Singing Christmas songs with popa!
Silent Night...Holy Night...
Then back to grandma and popa's house!
Here with cousin Mia...
Wardrobe change!!
GREAT grandma and grandpa Gerster gave the princess
a princess dress up treasure chest...
pretty perfect gift!
Then came Christmas morning!!!
Allikaye said she heard Santa during the night!
She said he went, "bump bump."
And he came through and got her a Barbie!
"I was really good this year!"
Allikaye also kept asking for "gum fish" in her stocking...
translation: gummy swedish fish...
she got em!
Grandma and popa know this girl too well...
they gave her favorite thing...
She opened them up and sat there eating them,
like that was exactly what she was waiting for...
we were cracking up!
A new baby that popa was calling "chuckey"...
not funny.
But she is loving this walking talking girl!
Tre Dog always has to help open the presents...
The finale was a trampoline!
Allikaye is a JuMpEr!!!!
See...she loves her new baby!
Oh - and she is sitting on mama's new
Keurig Coffee Maker!!
The afternoon moved Christmas over to
Grammy and Pop's house!
A sleeping bag set...
princess of course...
Aunt Katie and her bboooyyyyfffrriiieeenddd...
gave Allikaye a new dance outfit!!
Wardrobe change!!
Even with all the presents and excitement...
this sweet girl takes some time to hug her
"buddy boy"
Then back to our house to take
advantage of all the new goodies!
Oh...and did I forget to mention that
this princess loving almost 3 year old got a
princess castle?
She is a girl through and through this one!
Such a fun Christmas time...
celebrating with lots of family...
watching the excitement and twinkling in
Allikaye's eyes...
loving every minute!!!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Looks like she had a FUN christmas! Such fun gifts!

Lianna Knight said...

Love all the pics...but the bouncy pics on the trampoline are my favs!!!


amanda said...

looks like the perfect christmas :)

ps - and i love the pin/hair clippie you sent too!! sooo sweet!

Becks said...

What a FUN Christmas!! Looks like Allikaye scored some awesome gifts!! It's so fun to have a girl!!

I am jealous of your cofee maker!! Is it one with the pods?? So much fun! What time should I be at your place for coffee???

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