Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Card...

Here is our Christmas card this year!
Announcing You on Etsy
designed them for me!
I L-O-V-E them!
You can click on it for a super big card for ya!

"We know how dearly God loves us,
and we feel that warm love everywhere."
Romans 5:5

Merry CHRISTmas!


Faith said...

So cute! Your little girl is just precious. We have the same great taste in cards =)

Thanks so much for joining in the fun! Merry CHRISTmas to you!!!!

Becks said...

They look great!! Good on ya for getting the cards done! I wish I could say the same!

P.S. I love the background print and of course cutie pie Allikaye!

Ben and Emily said...

Very pretty! I love the black and red...classic!

Merry Christmas!

Libby Lu said...

thank you for my christmas card! it's up on my door so i can see lil miss thang all day, everyday! =)

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