Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating CUTENESS!

Oh my goodness...
I have a new memory
in my top million mom-memories...
and that is trick or treating with my girl!

Allikaye had SO.Much.FUN!

We started on the 30th with
Trick or Treat Street in our small downtown.
The businesses give out candy to all the cuties.

Here we are on the way...
kitty cat...

Miss Thang was not so sure about the blonde daddy..
Cat girlz...
I was mama cat...
and here is my blonde beauty...hehehe
Allikaye's pumpkin filled up fast...yummy!
We even got to visit a fire truck!
This was just such a fun event!
Allikaye never failed to sweetly say
"Trick or Treat"
"Thank you"
at every stop.
Matt and I were beaming at our
little pride and joy the whole time!

FUN! I never knew seeing my girl in her little cat costume
would bring me to tears, but she is just too much!
Ah I love that kitty!


amanda said...

i don't know where to start??

a) she is seriously the cutest kitty cat ever mama!! adorable!!

b) love that you got to go trick or treating in a winter wonderland that included sunshine!!

c) when i come visit can we go to that antique store...pretty please?

d) and your boots?? how cute are those...where can i find them?

e) can't wait to see your pics of the pw tonight!! have sooo much fun!

Melissa said...


Shelby said...

She is darling! I love this age! And.....where to you get to see the PW???? How fun, I love her site!

Dee said...

CUTE! I can't believe that ice-it was about 80 degrees here!

Chelle said...

Such a cutie! I love her costume!

And the ice! And the snow piles! And the fountaing! Wow!!!

And you are going to see the Pioneer Woman?! Seriously?!?! I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Rhonda Marie said...

How fun...I absolutely love the costume! She is getting so big and is such a beauty! Love you guys and miss you!

Becks said...

So much fun!!! Cutest mommy and baby kitty cats I have ever seen!

I know what you mean about being brought to tears seeing your girl in her kitty costume...i totally got choked up seeing my girl saying "tricktreat" to all the houses we visited...when did they get so big and smart?!! We are so blessed aren't we? :)

Sara said...

Hey Girly Girl! It was great meeting you at the signing last night. I hope you guys got home safely.

Have a great week!



dani said...

we had trick-or-treating 2 days here as well; but friday was a wash-out (monsoon weather!!!). you and your little allikat look adorable, ash, what sweet memories you made:)
much love,
dani xxx

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