Monday, April 12, 2010

8 things you n.e.e.d to know about me

Here are 8 things.
8 things that will change your life.

Dr. Pepper chapstick.
an addiction.
I have tried others -
but my lips are true to only one.

I don't throw up...
well I have 5 times in my life.
I can remember specific details of each of the horrid events.
Last time was about 8 years ago.
I am so scared of it...
I believe I will die...
throwing up will be my last breath.

I really love to watch kung-fu movies.
I've gotten out of the loop since moving away from my dad...
we share a love for Bruce Lee...and true karate movies.
Not the fancy enhanced moves that you see now a days!
I sound like a old grump talking about the good ol days...
yeah, I'm only 29.

I have terrible terrible eye sight.
I would love to get Lasik but my eyes keep getting worse.
For those of you that know the prescription #'s...
I am an 8...
pretty much can't see past my nose clearly
without my contacts.

I think Doritos dipped
in chocolate pudding
is yumm-o.Also Ruffles inside my PB&J.
Also Ruffles and pickles in Sloppy Joe's.

I don't like certain words...
don't like how they sound when others say them...
don't like how they sound when I say them.
Here are a few...
crisp...oh can barely type that one...yech.
There's more,
but that last word was too much for me right now. :0)

I can't leave the house...
without this on:

I look at

Now wasn't that interesting?


Thanks Shelly
for nominating me for this!


Stephanie said...

Oh how fun!! Lots of new tidbots to learn about you!
I'm with you on the eyeliner part though!!
Dr Pepper chapstick though...I will have to pass on that! lol

Darci said...

Too funny!! I'm glad to catch up on the wierdness of my friend that I MISS and LOVE!!!! Dr. Pepper chapstick is my FaVoRiTe!! It has been since Jr. High.. love it! Miss you like crazy!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

ohh that was interesting! you've had that Dr. Pepper chapstick addiction for a long time! it!

amanda said...

stop it!! doritos dipped in pudding!! no way!!

and me too. everyday. sometimes twice. have you ever heard of dlisted? it's bad. but so good.

Libby Lu said...


Becks said...

Oh man....where do I even begin,LOL!!

That whole chip craziness you have going on...not gonna lie...your crazy!! LOL! I used to put potato chips in my sandwhiches when I was a maybe you aren't that crazy...but Doritos in pudding...what?? LOL!

TOTALLY understand you on certain words that freak you out....i used to hate a lot of 'P' words...for instance...potty, panties (which incidentally i SAY NOW, gasp!!!) pickles, puberty, (i can't *believe* I just wrote that last word, LOL bad!!

I have a new eyeliner I am in lurve with now too, its my must have and it's Avon...oh yeah I am totally selling Avon now, he-he!

OK, i am officially rambling and going off like a crazy women. It could be that I just ate half a stale chocolate bunny...dont laugh!

Peace out xo

Amy said...

this was too funny. i too am deathly afraid of throwing so afraid i could probably be medicated - ha! and considering i teach kindergarten, i hear about tummy aches all.the.time! i probably send at least two kids to the clinic a day...i know our nurse just loves me - haha! :)

Just me.....Shelly said...


Kung fu and a fear of puking?? Who knew?? hahahahahhh!

Girl, you crack me it!

You and your sweets have a beee-utiful week...I hope its CRISP and CREAMY! xoxo

Rhonda Marie said...

How fun to reminisce about the things that make up you!!! I can't walk past Dr. Pepper lip gloss without thinking of you! Much Love!!!

羅惠玲 said...


dani said...

i heart ruffles on my sandwhiches, too... something about that crunch, yum!
much love,
dani xxx

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