Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kite Flyin Fun

This past Sunday was
so beautiful and springy!
So after church we packed ourselves
a picnic and Allikaye's princess kite...
and had a heck of a time!!
Of course, Tre Dog came along.
This girl LOVES her dog.
Then the kite flyin began!
Allikaye did really good by her self...
it was precious to see her running and looking up at her kite.
Ariel and Belle are on her kite
and she talked to them the whole time.
"Are you guys having fun flying?"
"Ariel, where are you flying to with your friend Belle?"
Then she would sit and say she was
playing a video game...
she's never played a video game...
but it did look like she knew what she was talking about...
She's smarter than I even realize! A little mama daughter time...
or I could say BFF time...
she is my bestest friend. ahhh
It was such a fun and easy memory to make.
There will be more picnics and kite flying
this spring and summer!


amanda said...

a) love the kite flying - beans just asked a few days ago for one - must pick one up asap!

b) love that you call her your bff - i feel the exact same way!!

c) was totally going to complement your hair in that pic and now i must buy that product! if only it makes my hair look that amazing!!

d) amen to simplify!!

Melissa said...

I love that picture of you and Allikaye laying in the grass together.
There's nothing better than having your mom as your BFF.
You are a great mom!

Anonymous said...


Becks said...

How cute is the kite flyin pictures!! I adore the pic of you and your bff layin on the grass...awe melt my heart!!

So jealous about that hair product. I would bet money they don't sell it in Canada yet. Everything cool takes years to come out after it comes out in the states. I hate styling my hair everyday. With my haircut I kind of have to unless I want to look like scary mommy (which i do quite often). When I do get all dolled up Sophia asks "where we goin' mommy?" she knows I only take the time to get ready when we go out, haha! So smart!

I also watch hoarders and then feel like I have to get rid of everything I own. It scares me half to death the way they live. My husband actually told me to stop because it looks like no-one lives here anymore. It feels so good to simplify and de-clutter!! My favorite feeling!

Becks said...

P.S. Did you ever email me your mailing address?? Because if you did I never got it :( I still want to send you the camera strap!!

email me

a boy a girl and a pug said...

love the kite pictures! i'm going to have to try that stuff so i can avoid washing every day.

dani said...

oh, my goodness, ash... what a darling bff you have!!! kat and i used to fly kites in the spring; we may have to again soon:)
much love,
dani xxx

Rhonda Marie said...

I bought the dry shampoo at Target today based on your recommendation...hoping it works as good for me!

Dorothy said...

Natalie and I kept saying "hoardie" things while we were packing her stuff a few weeks ago. Our favorite thing is to hold up a Barbie shoe or pipe cleaner or old kleenex and say "I'm keeping this. This would be good for children."

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