Monday, April 19, 2010

Mix it up

Sometimes all you have to do
is add a little creativity
and a new location...
To make the day so much more fun
than the days before.
Just a simple change
was so exciting...
and added hours of independent play!
Then it carried right into lunch.
Allikaye ate a little more mac n cheese
than normal...
all because of a big plastic fun cup!
I'll do whatever it takes
to keep this girl entertained!
She never stops!



amanda said...

love our mix it up kind of days - some days i am not sure who needs them more - me or her?

adorable friend :)

Melissa said...

oh love the fun big cup!'re such a good mom! :)

Rhonda Marie said...

What a creative mama you are! I always love hearing and seeing all of your neat ideas!

Dorothy said...

Yay! Remember our Barbie store?

dani said...

yay, for imagination! barbies rock, allikaye:)
much love,
dani xxx

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