Friday, April 30, 2010

He sees each tear that falls

Here is the winner
of the Freschetta Giveaway!!!
Miss Melissa!!!Yaya!
Love ya girl!

Now on to a song that has been playing
in my head lately.
It is one of those songs that God places on my heart
at different times and seasons.

keeping these truths in my focus...

that HE hears my cries...
HE knows my name...
and HE knows my thoughts, fears, all of it...

have been so necessary for me to remain
positive and hopeful...
when the world would tell me that
I should be stressed and freaking out.

I also love this song
when answering the many questions
that comes from my Allikaye.
We talk about prayer and that she can
talk to God anytime.
She always says,
"Can He hear me when I whisper too?"
And I can say confidently that
He knows all about her already...
all those thoughts going around in her busy head!

He made her carefully and beautifully!
Oh, I just love that!


I have a Maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in His hands

I have a Father
He calls me His own
He’ll never leave me
No matter where I go

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call

I also found this when looking around...
I love hearing the background of songs
always makes me love them that much more.

Behind the Song from Geoff Moore:
"I have loved this song for a long time. But a friend from England was on a trip in Bolivia and captured this song being sung in the home of a poor Bolivian family. I was so moved that I knew I had to record it. Also, my oldest daughter Anna asked me a while back if Jesus knew her when she was a baby in China and if He knew where she was. I think of that every time I sing this song."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick little Pizza Giveaway!

Freschetta yummy pizza
offered a little giveaway for my readers!
Since a lot of my readers are friends and family...
whether bloggy or real-life...
I thought,
"hey, my friends would enjoy this!"
Yes I did, I thought that!
So some of you never comment...
while I know you read this...
and I am still waiting for that single comment!
Yes, you!

Just comment and say hi to me!
Come on!

Then you will be entered to win...
2 free pizza coupons
to buy Frechetta's new
Flat Bread Pizza.
I know my fam enjoys
a pizza night
especially when mama doesn't want to cook!

I'm going to try this one first...
roasted garlic and spinach.
While my oh-so-adventurous daughter,
will go for this one...
Although it looks super yummy to me too!

Not only will you win a free pizza...
Oh no,
you can win more!

Just leave a comment for me...
yeah, you, the one who I know reads this,
and never comments...
don't make me name names!

Someone will win a...

Freschetta Baking Stone!

So cool!!
Wouldn't the flat bread pizza...
or your home made pizzas be so good from a baking stone?!

Also, a big awesome pizza cutter!
AND an oven mitt!

So just leave a comment and I'll pick a random #
on Friday morning.

I would love for my readers to enjoy
something free! So I'm excited to offer this to ya!
Thanks, Freschetta!

Okay, comment!

P.S. you can also become a Freschetta fan
on Facebook or Twitter!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kite Flyin Fun

This past Sunday was
so beautiful and springy!
So after church we packed ourselves
a picnic and Allikaye's princess kite...
and had a heck of a time!!
Of course, Tre Dog came along.
This girl LOVES her dog.
Then the kite flyin began!
Allikaye did really good by her self...
it was precious to see her running and looking up at her kite.
Ariel and Belle are on her kite
and she talked to them the whole time.
"Are you guys having fun flying?"
"Ariel, where are you flying to with your friend Belle?"
Then she would sit and say she was
playing a video game...
she's never played a video game...
but it did look like she knew what she was talking about...
She's smarter than I even realize! A little mama daughter time...
or I could say BFF time...
she is my bestest friend. ahhh
It was such a fun and easy memory to make.
There will be more picnics and kite flying
this spring and summer!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mix it up

Sometimes all you have to do
is add a little creativity
and a new location...
To make the day so much more fun
than the days before.
Just a simple change
was so exciting...
and added hours of independent play!
Then it carried right into lunch.
Allikaye ate a little more mac n cheese
than normal...
all because of a big plastic fun cup!
I'll do whatever it takes
to keep this girl entertained!
She never stops!


Monday, April 12, 2010

8 things you n.e.e.d to know about me

Here are 8 things.
8 things that will change your life.

Dr. Pepper chapstick.
an addiction.
I have tried others -
but my lips are true to only one.

I don't throw up...
well I have 5 times in my life.
I can remember specific details of each of the horrid events.
Last time was about 8 years ago.
I am so scared of it...
I believe I will die...
throwing up will be my last breath.

I really love to watch kung-fu movies.
I've gotten out of the loop since moving away from my dad...
we share a love for Bruce Lee...and true karate movies.
Not the fancy enhanced moves that you see now a days!
I sound like a old grump talking about the good ol days...
yeah, I'm only 29.

I have terrible terrible eye sight.
I would love to get Lasik but my eyes keep getting worse.
For those of you that know the prescription #'s...
I am an 8...
pretty much can't see past my nose clearly
without my contacts.

I think Doritos dipped
in chocolate pudding
is yumm-o.Also Ruffles inside my PB&J.
Also Ruffles and pickles in Sloppy Joe's.

I don't like certain words...
don't like how they sound when others say them...
don't like how they sound when I say them.
Here are a few...
crisp...oh can barely type that one...yech.
There's more,
but that last word was too much for me right now. :0)

I can't leave the house...
without this on:

I look at

Now wasn't that interesting?


Thanks Shelly
for nominating me for this!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

B is for Baby Boy!

My BF from college
had a baby...
and it is a boy!
Landon James is now 1 month old...
and so cute!
I stole this smiley picture from
Rhonda's blog...
Oh he is just ca-ute!
I was so excited to be able to make lots of craftiness
for a boy...since I am usually making girly stuff!

Here are the goods:

My very first blanket...
and it is not...ummm...perfect...
we'll just leave it at that.
But it is made with love...
that's what matters, right?
Bib to match...
And a onesie to match!!
WhO wHo!
I had so much fun making these onesies
for baby Landon!
I really love them...
they laid out on the table for a couple days so
I could look at them!
And I tried to make them
so they were perfect for him...
and had meaning.

Football...which I know Jared (Landon's daddy) loves...
Jared also likes to rock...
so I'm sure Landon will...
A little formal wear...
Landon has a lab at home...
so this in honor of their Lucy dog...
and their new dog Addie!
And then some blocks!
I love dinos!

It was so fun to make boy stuff!
And I can not wait to hold
sweet Landon this summer!

Hope you love your crafts, Landon!
Auntie Ashley loves you!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Here are some pics of our fun filled Easter Weekend!

First we started with what was supposed
to be a helicopter egg drop...
which was so fun last year...
but this year it was WiNdY!
So the egg drop was just a
good old fashioned

I made her pose...
Allikaye just took off...
kept running!
Matt had to yell to her to start picking up eggs...
or else she would have just ran the length of the field!
We curled Miss Thang's hair Sunday morning!
Allikaye and her cousin Mia...
too much sugar!
She kept saying,
"He is risen!"

He is Risen Indeed, Allikaye!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend!

Celebrating VICTORY over death!
Thank you Jesus!


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