Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Jessica, at Life on Brixton Lane, tagged me for 6 things that make me H-A-P-P-Y!!
So here ya go!

1. Today (6/8) is the 2nd anniversary of my really bad car accident. I was hit right on my driver's side door...rushed to the hospital...had l-o-t-s of glass taken out of my face and arms...and got all stitched up. The cuts have scars...many of which people that have met me in the last 2 years wouldn't think twice about...but I know they are there. But what I am HAPPY about is the power God has over every situation and fear. I should have been hurt a lot worse than I was in my says the paramedics that came to visit me at the hospital. So for that...I am thankful that God held me in my car that day. I am also HAPPY that Allikaye wasn't in the car!! Another HAPPY thing about this anniversary is how my fears have been given to God. I don't have to be nervous and anxious about getting in my car...going through a particular intersection...and being fearful of what could happen to me. I have learned to surrender this fear - that came upon me 2 years ago - and cast those fear on God. I love that - and it makes me HAPPY!!

2. I am HAPPY that MaTt GoT a JoB!!! Woohooo!! You heard right! We stepped out in complete faith...not knowing if Matt would get a job...but knowing that God would take care of us regardless. And after much prayer, patience and waiting...we were blessed with a job for Matt! Yay! So much thanks for all you prayer warriors that prayed for us! Now I get to be a stay at home mommy for a year - and Matt gets to continue to do what he loves and is good at...teaching! HAPPY!

3. I am HAPPY that people took the time to comment and give me some excellent advice on Allikaye's "pash" obsession. I got some g-r-e-a-t ideas...and we are excited to try a few of them! We are going to take this leap when we transition tot he "big girl" bed - which will be in a few weeks! I will keep ya posted!

4. I am HAPPY with being CONTENT!
Sounds like the Department of Redundancy Department! But it is true...I am striving to be content in my life...mainly in the area where we are at in our lives. I'm tryng to be thankful for where we are and not be in want of more.

5. I am HAPPY that I have the JOY of the Lord! I heard once that happiness is a temporary feeling - something that makes us feel good here on earth. But JOYfulness comes from a deeper place. It is having a hope and promise that is to come...knowing there is JOY ahead because of the promises of our Lord! That is why the word - JOY- is one of my fave words!

6. I asked Allikaye, "What makes Mommy HAPPY?" And Allikaye said, "ME!" She is SO right - Allikaye does make me HAPPY! She fills me with HAPPY HAPPY HAPPINESS!!
I am tagging up...
Irene Joy ...Sticky Fingers
Amanda ...Lifelong Play Date
Jenn ...Lipstick and Laundry
Kate ...and now there are three
Lianna ...Be Thou a Knight
Rachel ...Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane

These are just a few blogs and peeps that make me HAPPY!

Oh...comments make me HAPPY too!! hehe!


Jessica said...

I LOVE it!!! So many things to be happy about. You know you're doing a good job of showing your love when your daughter tells you she makes you happy. :)

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

WoW, cool... I love sharing HAPPY things, God is so GOOD... and we have enough doom and gloom, so I am ALL for HAPPY posts!!

Emily said...

Reading your post made me happy :) I enjoyed it and it made me smile. That's a great point about joy, too. I will have to remember that.

Have a good week!

Emily said...

Reading your post made me happy :) I enjoyed it and it made me smile. That's a great point about joy, too. I will have to remember that.

Have a good week!

Melissa said...

Congrats to Matt on his new job! Love the happy post.

amanda said...

love the happy list!

am i assuming that matt's job is local? or might there be a move in your future?? maybe we can be ks neighbors??

and thanks for the tag - i promise to get to it asap :)

Rhonda Marie said...

I knew God would provide for we can put that on the praise list, which is always a HAPPY thing! Also, I thought it would make you happy that your BF is coming out to visit in about a makes me happy (so you better be happy about it too) :)!!

dani said...

God is good, ALWAYS, ash!!! and the joy, whichcomes from the blessed assurance we are, indeed, HIS, is indescribable:DDD
good luck on the pash!!!
much love,
dani xxx

Irene Joy said...

Wow the accident story made me teary! I'm so glad you are okay! Never noticed the scars...

I accept my tag and I am on it! :)


YOU make ME so HAPPY!

Becks said...

Loved reading this post! It made me HAPPY. I like the one about being content. I am working on that very same thing!

Happy happy joy joy!

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