Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomlin and Jobe...yaya...

Can you see who that is?
You can't?!
Well it is Chris Tomlin!
We only had Matt's iphone -
so this is the only picture that kinda shows him...
He was at our church for a Worship Pastor's Conference...
and we were able to go to his concert...
it was g-o-o-d!
Then later in the week we went to see Desperation Band...
who had Kari Jobe (totally love her) accompany them!
Here are 2 videos if you wanna watch...
Kari's voice is so beautiful!

It was so powerful and encouraging to see
hundreds of high school students worshiping and praising!
They were at our church for the Desperation Conference.
I would have loved this in high school (10 years ago...ah!)!

My friend Amy, who also loves Kari Jobe, came with me!
And on her birthday! Yay!

Here is an awesome picture I took later that week...
pretty, huh?
That is what I felt like after having some
amazing worship times this week!

Praise God!


Brenda said...

The music! The sky pic! The new blog background! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kari Jobe. <3 Thanks again for the invite, sweet friend!!

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