Thursday, June 18, 2009

We HEART The Chick!

This is how we feel about Chick Fil A...
Raise the roof, sista!!

This week was Customer Appreciation Week at our local Chick!
That meant we ate there 3 times this week!
So good job, marketing team at Chick! You reeled us in!

We received a free stuffed cow on Monday.
We received a free peach milkshake (oh yum) on Wednesday.
We went there for dinner on
"Dress like a Princess or Pirate Night"
and Allikaye received a free kid's meal!

Here are some pics from the fun Princess/Pirate Night!

They had cute little games in the parking lot...

Does my arm look like it could be Allikaye's?
mmm...fweaky! hehe

Here's cute little princess playing...
What's up, cow!
Oh my, the airbrushing!
Allikaye was nervous at first...
SO, Matt and I had to get one too, of course!
Guess what Allikaye picked for us?!
Look how tough the Hubster is...
rocking the pink tiger!
And here is our little family!

We sure do love The Chick Fil A!


Danielle said...

You guys are such a cute family! I wish it was Customer Appreciation week at our Chick Fil A cause I want to eat there 3 times in a week too! I seriously think I COULD eat there everyday!

Kristy said...

Ohhh I love Chic-fil-a too!! We don't have one in our hometown, though. It is a loooong hour and a half away. Boo! So we go there everytime we go out of town! Ha!

She's such a cute little princess!

Chelle said...

I love chick fil a! Yum!

And your princess is adorable...sooo cute!

And I was so cracking up with your captions!! Hehe!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

I love the princess dress...we heart chick-fil-a too! so delicious!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear your fam "loves the chick"! My teammies and I checked out the free shake deal on Tuesday...YUM...and I'm pretty pumped for free breakfast in the morning!!

The Quietts said...

Checked out your old posting about Mexico and we went there! Copacobana! We loved it and want to go back again.

The Quietts said...

Checked out your old posting about Mexico and we went there! Copacobana! We loved it and want to go back again.

Jessica said...

I've never tried Chik-fil-a! We'll have to try it...I'd rock the pink tiger too!

Irene Joy said...

ooooh yum. Chick Fil A was my first job and I think the only reason I stayed there so long was all the free food.

Tell your Chick-Fil-A to call our chick-fil-a. We went free stuff too!

You guys are seriously SO cute and I really miss you!

Melissa said...

yumm i love chick-fil-a! Cute pics!! love the family photo at the's real cute!

amanda said...

will you break up with me if i tell you we have actually never been??

guess we need to go huh? bc seriously three times in one week! it must be good!!

the pics are adorable honey!!

Anonymous said...

We were there this week too! The firetruck was there and a fire cow! Love it!

Lianna Knight said...

Too cute! I love Chik-fil-a too! YUM!

dani said...

i love chick fil a mostly because it is a Christ based business!!! so, eat more chik'in, ha!!!

princess allikaye, looked like a doll... and like she had so much fun (actually, you all did;)!!!

much love,
dani xxx

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