Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Year Old Chore Chart!

Since I am now a
mama of a 3 year old...
(AHH!! How did that happen?!)
I thought it was time to get this
chick working around here!
Ha! Actually she is sooo excited to
start her chores!
She likes to call me "step mudda"
and I have to call her "Cinderella"
but whatever works, right?

Here it is!!
Made out of a mini-muffin tin!!!
This cost me $0! Which is good...
for everyone involved!

The circles have magnets on the back...
also the chores inside have magnets on the back,
so they can be switched around and changed.

Getting Tre Dog food,
Help set the table,
Get dressed (she is a pajama girl!),
Help clean (Cinderella),
Pick up toys,
Finish your dinner,
Put your laundry away.

Then after Miss Allikaye,
the 3 year old,
does a chore...
she gets whatever treat is inside!
This girl w.o.r.k.s for candy!
Eventually when she gets older,
we will substitute the candy for $$$!

The muffin tin is perfect for many reasons...
It has 4 chores a day...
Monday thru Saturday...
Sunday is a day of rest!!
Commandment #4 people!

I love this chore chart!!

Here is another little memory of Allikaye's
birthday fun!
Matt and me took her to Build a Bear!!

After she picked out a puppy....

We headed over to get 'er stuffed...

Cleaned that pup up...

Named the pup, Scruffy...
and haven't let go of it yet!!

Have I mentioned how much i love this 3 year old?
I have?
get used to it...
i LoVe HeR!!!!!

Off to be the step mudda!
Clean! Cinderella!
Get to work!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

This reminds me of the Christmas Countdown my neighbor gave me! I love it!

amanda said...

this is brilliant!! i have been crushing on the melissa and doug one - but i think when it's chore time for us, i am totally making this!

ps - where do you buy the magnetic paper? hobby lobby?

Melissa said...

How creative you are! love it!

Jill said...

LOVE. IT. I think I may need to try this out!!! So, does she do all four chores at once or just through out the day??? (And does mommy get to sneak a chocolate in every once in awhile :)!!)

kate said...

so so so so cute! Can you make me one? This mama needs to get two tiny girls to work.

Libby Lu said...

you're so stinkin creative...i love it! i wanna be like ash when i grow up!!! =)

Nancy said...

That is a fabulous reinforcement/chore chart tool. Love it. the anticipation, the little reward, immediate. Precious. brilliant.

Carol said...

I so covet you creative abilities. You are amazing.

YYour little cinderella is so precious!

I work for candy too!!

Becks said...

Ohmagoonesss! I am so behind on all your awesome posts!!

I LOVE with all my heart this chore chart and will most definitely be stealing this idea for the near future!! Chore time..i say bring it!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I LOVE this idea! I am totally going to do this! My oldest daughter is the exact same age as yours! Kate just turned 3 on Jan 23rd. And, I also went to college in Colorado, but I went to CU & played soccer there! Go Buffs! :)
I just found your blog & it is so cute, I will be back!

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