Monday, January 25, 2010

Ruffles...and a Bible Story...

I wanted to share two recent little projects
that I have conquered on my
little ol sewing machine.
And both involve...
I do love me some ruffles!

Here is my pretty pink fleece ruffle scarf.
It is really warm,
so I am hoping for a big snow storm soon...
for fashion.
Oh, and I didn't follow a tutorial or pattern...
a first for me.
Sorry about the crazy eye staring at you.
And this...
I just love!
I should have taken the time to take better pictures.
But my darling 3 year old is
these days.

I used an old gray t-shirt
and an older cardigan from Target.
A lady at Pottery Barn asked me where I got it!!
I just was kinda proud of that!
Here it is bonding with my other clothes.
Here I am rockin it
in my dirty mirror and red sweat pants...
classy in Colorado.

And now...
the microphone that Allikaye won at
Chuck E. Cheese...
She had to wear mama's
fleece ear warmers to rock out.

This is the new thing over here.
She loves American Idol.
But calls it
"Yes good singer, no bad singer."
here is the Bible Story.
Miss Thing learned about
Zaccheus in church.
Here it is for ya...
with a microphone of course.

God loves YOU!


Chelle said...

Your sewing projects? Amazing. Beautiful. Wow.

And Miss Allikaye is as adorable as always!


Melissa said...

oh my goodness...cutest zacchaeus story i've ever heard!
and love love love the sweater!! the scarf too! Good job, i'm so impressed!

amanda said...

loving the ruffles? seriously saw someone doing this on tv a couple of days ago and i was like wow! and then now this? you my talented friend? a ruffle rockstar :)

Libby Lu said...

i wasn't sure about that classy sweater of yours, hanging on the hanger. but then you rocked it with your sweat pants and i was like, "OMGeeeee" haha! super cute, miss momma thang.
i love your artsy fartsy guts! keep posting cuz i need something to entertain me at work =D

Becks said...

Preach it miss thang!! How cute is that video? What a sweetheart!

Also, you are just so dern talented! I adore that scarf and sweater! I feel like I have no time to be creative right now and it's killing me! So I hereby declare that I am just going to live vicariously through you,mmmkay?

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