Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tell me my baby story!

I hear this
approximately 3 times a day...
"Mama, tell me my baby story."

Well my baby is turning 3 this weekend.

And I am going to tell Allikaye's baby story
the exact way that I tell her
approximately 3 times a day.

And believe me
if I tell something out of order or leave something out...
she is right there to remind me!

"Well, mommy had a really big belly
because you were inside!
And mommy had been pregnant for a long time.
So she said to daddy,
"let's go to a movie."
So mommy and daddy went to see
Night at the Museum.
During the movie mommy's stomach started going
bump bump bump!
And it was you wanting to come out!!
So I told daddy we had to go to the hospital
because it was time to meet our little girl!
So daddy drove drove drove
and the doctor said,
"Yep, lay in this bed. Its time to have your baby!"
So after a little bit the doctor said,
"Okay, Ashley (because that's mommy's name),
it's time to push!
And mama pushed pushed pushed
and out came the most beautiful little girl
we had ever seen!
They said,
"What is her name"
and I said,
"Alexandra Kaye."
Everyone couldn't believe how pretty you were!
I said,
"Can I hold her?!"
And I just stared at you and you stared at me
and we loved each other so much!

Still is true 3 years later...
I can't stop staring at her.
She is beautiful
loves Jesus
loves pink
loves sugar
and loves cheetos

and I will continue to just stare in awe
of the angel that God gave me...
3 years ago.

3 years that I never knew I needed so much.
3 years of amazement
and just unexplainable love.

Happy birthday my Allikaye!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Best baby story I have heard... Very magical, no wonder she wants it told 3 times a day! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Isabella said...

That is such a wonderful post and it reminds me of my grandfather. He always told me stories of when I was a kid and it always made me feel sooooo loved and special. Keep telling her that story and she'll always feel so special in her life. I'm sure other pregnant or new moms are reading this blog so I'd also like to recommend a wonderful free ebook that answers the most common questions about pregnancy and raising a baby. You can get it at I like to tell others about this cause it's my little way of helping others.

Jill said...

So sweet. Happy birthday, Allikaye!

Carol said...

Gorgeous post.

I wish that the real experience of labour was as lovely as you tell her. Ah but they're worth every twinge aren't they?

Trish said...

awe so sweet... my addie turned 4 this week! can't even believe it!

Rhonda Marie said...

Very sweet...gave me chills thinking about that moment and that I am only 2 months away! I can't believe how close it all it! Give Allie a big birthday kiss and hug from her favorite people in Idaho! Love you guys!

kate said...

happy birthday little girl!

Eloise does the same thing too.

Enjoy it.

Melissa said...

Ash that is so so precious! What a great story and what a great mom you are. I love seeing Allikaye grow up through the blog. I love watching you guys be parents. Thanks for sharing your lives with me! Happy Birthday Alikaye!

amanda said...

happy happy birthday sweet girl :)

such a wonderful baby story!!

enjoy the big day mama...

Becks said...

Such a precious post!! Seriously I got a little teary!! She is such a beautiful little girl!

Happy third birthday Allikaye!!!

DonnellKondo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amy said...

Is it weird that I'm teary-eyed right now? I haven't checked your blog in awhile, and I'm glad I did. You are a WONDERFUL mama, Ashley Chambless!!!

Libby Lu said...

i haven't had much time to check your bloggy blog lately so i'm a little belated with my birthday wishes! sounds like miss thang had a great bday. and i love your story. thanks for sharing, ash!
i hope your bday (and jt's of course!) is just as eventful. you're such a good momma, allikaye is super lucky!

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