Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's my Birthday...

and I'll post what I wanna!

This is my last year in my 20's!

So I haven't posted about these signs...
I made them for fam for Christmas.
I love how they turned out
and it was a fun new project for me!!
I am now continually on the lookout for
old cupboards and cabinet faces,
that's what these are!
This one I made for myself...
Here is me with my trusty sidekick, Star
working on these signs.

And since it's my bday....
I am going to share the debut
of Allikaye's dance recital video!

It is a heart melting performance.
You may want to consult a physician before viewing.

Oh I almost forgot...
I would like to also wish
Justin Timberlake a happy 29th birthday.
We're tight.

Happy birthday to me!!

Oh, and hi, Peggy!
Just wanted to give you a blog shout out!
Love ya!


Melissa said...

Happy Happy Birthday Girl!
Can you believe we are in the last year of our 20's!?!
Hope you felt extra special on your birthday!! those signs! Way cute!

amanda said...

happy happy birthday friend!! you and my boyfriend sharing the big day? how awesome is that??

and the signs are awesome - i so can't wait till we come out to co and visit your store :)

睡覺 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lianna Knight said...

Okay...I HAVE to get one of those signs!! Are you doing the names freehand???? Please let me know how much you'd charge..I seriously have to have one!

Chelle said...

Happy belated birthday honey!

And your signs are gorgeous! Love them!

La La May Whitaker said...

Happy Birthday...I didn't know we were so close in bday! We DO need to go out! SOON Lady!

Rhonda Marie said...

The children sang at church on Sunday and there was a little boy who acted exactly like the other little girl in the video! I was telling Jared how cute Allikaye was and how the other little girl had major stage fright!!!

dani said...

happy belated birthday, ashley!!! your signs rock and so did your little Christmas dancer (she's got talent, really!!!).
d xxx

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