Monday, October 11, 2010

California...knows how to party...

This past weekend was super!

My coffee and smile...
ready to go on a jet plane to fun.
Flying over the mountains!
Thankful for beautiful Colorado...
but so excited to be seeing the beaches and palm trees!
We headed straight for some beachy shopping fun!
First stop, Fred's - amazing view of Huntington Beach!
Oh - and margs and chips and salsa...mmmm.
The view...
One of many bf self shots...
This is just so cool to us!
Pretty Pier...
I texted this pic to Matt...
he said it was "rude."

That is me being happy...
Then we headed to Long Beach...
lots more shopping and sightseeing...
and CuPcAkEs!!
And our new obsession...
The next day...
after a night of sleep without
kids coming in to the room...
we headed out to the real touristy stuff.
Hollywood sign
and the star walk...
Lots of pics! Hi Jess!
We stopped off of Sunset Blvd
for some coffee.
We sat outside and prayed to see a celebrity.
We saw some interesting folks.
But no celebs! Wah!
Oh wait, we did see a star!
Samual L. Jackson!
wax schmax.
Allikaye thinks it is pretty cool that I saw Mr. Shrek.
Then came the wedding of one of my
dearest friends from college...Libby!
She was gorgeous!
And the view from her Long Beach wedding
was unbelievable!
This is where the ceremony and reception was...
yeah, I know, it's beauty-full!

It was so fun to see my awesome friend, Krista, from college there too!
I love these girls!
I wish Arizona, Cali, and Colorado were just minutes away.
There would be some serious laughs happening more often!
Krista and me!!
The food at this wedding was yummo!
Appetizers came around for awhile - mmmhhhmm.
Then the dinner.
Cream puffs instead of cake. Big ones.
Then after some dancing...
cookies and milk came around...
then after some more chatting and dancing...
sliders and french fries!
Crazy good!
Loved it!

All of these pictures don't even express
the amazing and treasured time I had!
I needed the late nights talks
and the time with girlfriends.

Thank you, Jess for your friendship...
it's the frosting on my cupcake.

Meg from whatever said it perfectly the other day...
so I'm gonna steal it...

"girlfriend time is THE best.
it's calming.
it's refreshing."


And the hugs and love from Allikaye
was also fantastic coming home.

This is the picture of her
enjoying her time with
grandma and popa!
While mama was gone...



amanda said...

oh honey. you are oozing fun!! so so so jealous!! i need this trip. must find me a friend to get married in cali!! so glad you girls had such a great time!

Colorado Kids said...

AH! This is my favorite post my friend! Ash, I look at those pictures and just wish it could have been a week. I TRUELY cherish you, and our friendship. Late night talks is something that I needed, and you are the perfect person to have them with. I just love you girl.

Melissa said...

how fun! looks like a great trip! Wish i was still in cali. so i could've met up up with you!!
...oh wait! we should do that sometime :)
you girls looked beautiful for the wedding!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Oh how fun. I am so jealous of your trip. Cali is such gorgeous

Lianna Knight said...

SOOOO fun! Glad you had a good time :)

I am so behind on blogs and couldn't wait to catch up on all my favs!!!

Libby Lu said...

how fun! i love your little summary cuz now i know what you did the rest of the time! i'm sorry you didn't see any celebs. i was so hoping for ya! thanks again for coming love you long time! ;)

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