Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom, is it pumpkin day?!

It IS pumpkin day, Allikaye!

Finally, after weeks of asking,
we went to pick out our
orange beauties!

We got our pumpkin shirt on...
and got our smiles ready!

Hehe...this picture cracks me up
how she is standing so straight.
Silly girl.
Cheesy Cheesy pumpkin grin...
Family picture!
I busted out the self timer.
Makes me laugh.
This was one of her chosen ones...
she is a sucker for the tiny ones.
So sweet.
Spooky old tree...
Reach, Miss Thang!
Another self timer family picture!
Balancing the camera on a pumpkin!
Oh, yeah, I've got photo skillz! (I wish)
She wanted to stay all day...
Allikaye with her pumpkin.
Designed by Allikaye.
Carved by Mama.
And the final three...
our little family of pumpkins!

Happy Pumpkin Day!



Melissa said...

you are having a fun fall season!!
love the pumpkins!

amanda said...

yay for pumpkin day!!

and loving your family pics friend - yay for self timers!!

Colorado Kids said...

Ahhh ALICE! I love the super straight pose, ha ha! Cute cute

Libby Lu said...

wow, you're on top of it! i love the pumpkin ak picked out...i like the little guys too. so fun and i love self timer pics! good invention! it's nice to see your smiley face on your blog too =)

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Your pumpkins look fantastic. Such cute pics

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