Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am headed to a weekend away...
with my bestie!
In California!!!

One of my best friends from college
is getting married -
and we are beyond excited
to be able to have a weekend away!
I'll say it again...

I will miss my girl.
And hubby.
Of course.
But this is my first real trip away from
Allikaye since I had her!
It's time.

We did get her hair cut
and prettied up for school pictures tomorrow...
I'm talking to her about resisting the
picking of the nose
during actual professional picture time...
Isn't she pretty?!!
She LOVES getting her hair cut...
and sparkled...
and braided.
Such a girly girl!

Watch for me in the photo reel this weekend.
I will be the one mistaken for the paparazzi -
trying to get a celeb sighting!

This Colorado girl thinks you are the coolest!



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