Friday, October 1, 2010

So smart!

Here is my Little Miss...
taken today before preschool.
I told her to give me the sweetest face she could...

Allikaye is loving school...
she comes home and remembers every word from the songs she sings.
Her memory is amazing.

I come home and tell her some of the
"Words of the Day" words
that I do with my 3rd graders.
It is so funny to have her use them correctly all the time!
So smart!
The other day she asked me if I was
feeling melancholy.
And she said her couscous on her plate was vast.
She is amazing and smart...
have I said that yet?!


amanda said...

happy favorite month friend :)

ps - i need to get over to your etsy shop and buy some blocks!! i need to measure lilly's first...

Melissa said...

I have read that book! You are going to love it! happy reading! :)

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