Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall break...

A little glimpse into our fall break...
cookie decorating.
fall cookies that is!

We do this every year...
and every year Allikaye gets more
But still the same...
she decorates about 2 cookies then
says, "Ok, I'm done!"

She's rocking that rolling pin with
her dress up clothes.
eating a blue leaf...
So yummy!
And then she was off to bigger things,
leaving me with lots of fall cookies to frost.

I also love this pumpkin Allikaye made!
There's a toilet paper roll under the fabric.
It looks so cute on our table!

I just love being home with her this week.
I needed it.
I need it all the time though!


Colorado Kids said...

I love the new page! Also, love the new dress up outfit, cute! Have fun getting your hair cut, it will feel like you are a new lady!

Melissa said...

happy fall break!
..did you get fall break when you were a kid in school? I don't remember getting this wonderful "holiday". Enjoy!! the blue mouth!! so fun!
...and happy hair doing! don't ya just love getting your hair done!?

Rhonda Marie said...

Cute pics as usual! I think I need to make some fall cookies...YUMMY!!!!

Libby Lu said...

i LOVE your new bloggie look! you're just so creative! i can't wait to see you again my love! tell matty i said "hi"!

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