Sunday, March 23, 2008

Arise, My Love!

Allikaye got her picture taken with Jesus today at church!! Right after he showed all the haters that He is the most powerful and awesome and burst out of that tomb- there He was walking in the hall! It was so funny - it was like a rock star was in the building! "There's Jesus!" "Take a picture!" I think that's what it was like back in the day with the disciples (His entourage) - minus the cameras - people wanted to get to Him - even just to touch Him! How fun! I know I will be right there in Heaven - praising Him (actually Jesus is the original "Rock" star - rollin' that rock out of the way! What's up now?!)!

We had to take the opportunity to take some family pictures! Why we chose the gorgeous drooping plant as a backdrop - I'm not sure - but we stuck with it for the next few pictures!

Mama's parents:
Daddy's parents:
Aunt Katie!!

These were taken during worship -which of course, Allie loves!

What would Easter be without a yummy brunch! It was de-li-cious!
It was also fun to have my parents, Matt's parents, my brother and sis-in-law (Casey and Erin), my beautiful niece (Mia), and Matt's sister (Katie) all together!
Here is Grandma sneaking Allikaye some sprinkles - while her mama wasn't looking! Tsk tsk!
Miss Thing's highlight of the day was riding in the glass elevator - I think almost everyone took a turn taking her up and then down! The Easter bunny brought Miss a pink poodle! Kiss Kiss! And that's our fun filled Easter Day!


mommy k said...

What a fun filled day!! Every baby should get sprinkles on Easter and pink poodles and baby dolls and every Grandmama and Grandpapa should have little baby sunshines! Lets all be as excited to see Jesus as we were today.....

Candy said...

What a great day!! I love all your family pictures. :)

Boy & Girl said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful day. Happy Easter!

Amber said...

you are cracking me up. and your daughter is adorable. and so are you!

Kelly said...

LOVE all the pictures you took!!!!!! Ya'll have such a cute family!
Sounds like an awesome church!

April said...

Beautiful family...great post I too love that song Arise, My Love..makes my hair on my arms stand up....if fact they are doin' it right now.

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a wonderful Easter celebration of a day! Love the music!! Gave us chills immediately! He is risen!

kari & kijsa

C said...

Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog!! I have added you to my list of blogs I love to read! Of course those bags are in the shop friend!...I have to feed my habit. :) Have a good Tuesday!! :)

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