Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lasso Her While She's Hot!

Miss Allikaye loves her animals! So we went to Bell Mountain Ranch this morning to get a close-up of some horses! Even though I will go into an allergic fit if I touch a horse and then touch my face... I love riding horses. I remember family vacations almost always had a horse ride planned. I'm excited for Allikaye to ride - just bring mama's Benadryl!!
She already has the cutest cowgirl boots!

Yeehaw to you!
Downtown Denver has an awesome Cowboy/girl store called, "Crybaby Ranch." Isn't that the coolest name? Here is what I would get from Crybaby Ranch , to wear for Allikaye's riding lessons - I have to look good too, right? Ha! These boots cost over $1,000! But I love the Hollywood Cowgirl" shirt! It has rhinestones...oh yeah! And it says "Lasso her whiles she's hot!"
I think if I have girl again -I will decorate her room to be "cowgirl" - Miss Allikaye's has the "surfer girl" room.
And just a side am not pregnant...but a girl can think into the future!


susiekaye said...

What a fun outing. Miss AllieGal will certainly need to know how to ride so she can come along on our family vacations. We are all such experienced riders!?! Oh, and would you pick me up a pair of those sweet boots, when you get yours!! Love to you........

Kelly said...

How fun!!!! I love her pink cowgirl boots!!!
And i think a cowgirl theme would be precious!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Those cowboy boots are fabulous!!

kari & kijsa

April said... read my blog so I came to read yours...its Lovely...I am definitely adding it to my daily list of blog reads...I just love your daughter's name...vey sweet. So you have the pleasure of living with a Guitar Hero too....isnt that the funniest thing to watch. have a happy day and talk to you soon


Boy & Girl said...

Oh the boots are too cute! Does she have a fun hat to match?

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Adorable! Her boots are too, too cute!

Candy said...

Hi! Found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Hope you don't mind me stopping by. Your little girl is just precious. I love the cowgirl room idea! My little boy has a cowboy room and I just love it! My blog is set to private right now, but I would love to add you if you would like. Just send me your email address if you want me to:

Jenn said...

Hi there!! Thank you so much for peeking in on my blog tonight!! I'm so glad to meet you:) Little Allikaye (love the nickname!) is PRECIOUS! I just love that banner photo. She is the cutest!! Hope you have a fabulous week:) xox...jenn (noodle and lou studio)

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

A cowgirl theme would be super-cute. Jancie loves cows, and my granddaddy owns about 150, so she is in hog heaven every time she goes over there. It's funny that you are allergic to horses......horses and roaches are the 2 things that I AM NOT allergic to!!

Kari & Kijsa said...

We hope you have a blessed Good Friday.

kari & kijsa

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