Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give Me Some Ribbons!

I went a little crazy with the ribbon buying today! I wanted to make Allikaye some bows - I followed instructions from Lauren. They turned out great! But then I started thinking that my Miss is more of a headband gal! So see the pictures below of the crazy ribbon-headband-madness! I am so excited about them! All I did was hot glue some elastic to the ends! Woohoo!

Here is Miss Allikaye modeling a simple hot pink ribbon headband -
made with love by her mama!
This model pose is called "the peekaboo." Watch for it on the runways this spring.
Hey! Come on in and play with me, and my new headband!

Happy trails! Oh, wait, did you see my new pretty headband?


Candy said...

All the ribbon is VERY cute!! I love the headband. Is it that easy? Someone could show me how to make a bow a hundred times and then I probably still couldn't do it! Ha!

Kelly said...

Oh I love all the ribbon! I saw Lauren's instructions and plan to make some soon for friends or for my secret baby closet! :-)

April said...

I love craftiness....makes me smile !!

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