Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mexico...1 week away...

Ah! Okay, I know I mentioned awhile ago about this tropical vacation that we are taking our precious Allikaye on! Well, it is now one week away! I also know that there are many wonderful and experienced mamas out there that may just read my blog once in awhile - I would love love love love love any advice! What does a 14 month old baby need....for the plane? for the beach? for the hotel? for her meals? And don't forget about her mama!! I apologize if you can sense any anxiety popping through the screen on ya! I really am super excited - just needing a little encouragement and advice! Even if you think your advice may be a little trivial or common sense - please comment!! I am a frantic mama that wants to make this trip as smooth as possible (well... even though I have been a mama for only 14 months now, I do know that it can't be completely seamless)!
Here is what I have so far:
- 2 new Signing Time videos - that Allikaye has never seen (I'm thinking plane ride)
- suntan lotion
- a little beach cabana thing
- of course I've got the clothes covered - never really need help shopping for clothes - to Matt's dismay!

Help a mama out!! Comment for me!


C said...

When we went to FL in Jan, Moses was about 15m old...take an umbrella stroller for the airports...even if it gets broken or damaged it is only like $15 at Target but this was essential to our traveling sanity...LOTS of snacks-things that she doesn't always get...graham crackers saved us, plus his usual snacks, lots of books that he had never seen before...I'm sure there is more but that is all I can think of for the moment..

Brad & Jill said...

I second the umbrella stroller!!! Also, kiddos LOVE stickers so maybe you could pick up a sticker/coloring book that she could entertain herself with in case you guys have to wait a little bit in the airport. I would also pack her favorite book and/or baby doll. You might put these things in a cute little bag that she hasn't seen and make a big deal of getting her own little "travel" bag that she will get at the airport. That way she doesn't get bored with the items on the drive to the airport!! :) You guys will have a great time!!!!

It is so nice to "meet" you via Kelly!!! Your family is precious, and I love the name Allikaye! Our little Eli is almost 9 months and seriously cracks us up on a daily basis! Have fun on your trip!!!

April said...

I would love to give you plane advice..but these feet stay on the no help from me. As far as vacation in advice there either...vacation with kids is just a TRUE adventure...they are outta their element and so are you....just try to keep everything as close to normal as you time...bed time...etc.
Enjoy cant be any worse than the time change...Amen?

Hey take a look at the new magazine on my blog...I think you would enjoy it !!

The Ames Family said...

Oh... How fun! I am all about bringing over and above what you think you will need on the plane. I have flown with Drew since he was 6 months. We have flown over 10 times... First of all, I suggest getting something handy to hold all of your boarding passes and ID's in. I always brought a blanket for the plane since they have a tendency of sometimes being cool. I also brought every food item we owned. And I know this might sound bad (I got weird looks anyways)... But I always put Drew on one of those kid leashes. After flying, he wanted to get out and stretch his legs too; but I was not about to let him loose in the airport. And this might be the longest comment ever... Sorry... Hope it helps! Have a great time!

April said...

I will ask my mom where she picked up the magazine...if nothing else I will mail you one of the little subscription cards......


Kari & Kijsa said...

What fun!! Kijsa took her daughter to five different countries before her first birthday (including Mexico), and would 100% recommend the umbrella stroller. Also check with your pediatrician as to any bugs or medications he might recommend for that area. You would feel so much better to have brought them if you need them, and they only take up a tiny bit of space!! have a fabulous and relaxing time! Allikaye will love it!!!

kari & kijsa

Candy said...

How exciting! Sorry, but no advice here. I have never been brave enough to travel with a small one. It looks like you are getting lots of great ideas though. I hope ya'll have a wonderful time! Take lots of pics to share with us when you get back. :) said...

ok...i keep in my purse at all times
1. mini play-dohs (is she old enough to play with that)
it keeps them busy everywhere!
2. mini bottle of bubbles (the kind that doesn't spill)
seriously it can make any baby happy anywhere especially at an airport...if they let you bring that in. keep it small.
3. suckers or smarties or whatever candy she likes.
4. crayons

100% yes on the umbrella stroller.
you just check it at the gate and it's waiting for you when you walk of the plane.

and you have to get a leash/harness!
we have the cutest soft monkey backpack looking one at wal-mart. it is so sweet and it helps so much. check it here:

i am so wishing i was going on a tropical vacation.
you are so lucky.
have a fabulous time!

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

RELAX! and take a deep breath. You can make do with the basic necessities, just remember that if you forget anything!
Here are my suggestions for what I would do with Jancie.
1)Backpack filled with crayons, suckers, new books, small new toys, favorite foods.
2)Bedding she sleeps on now.
3)Dishwashing soap to wash cups, etc.
4)Blow-up beach toys that you can blow up once you get there.
5)Any type of meds that you could possibly need & toddler medical book for reference. I recommend "Toddler 411."
6)Put back a few new items for the plane ride home. That will probably be the worst part of the trip.

If I think of anything else, I will post again.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

goldfish & M&Ms for the plane! And a new book about airplanes or travel. And an empty, clean sippy cup so the flight attendant can fill it when they come around for drinks. Oh, and a pacie for sucking when you take off/land. That's my advice!

We're taking Ava to Cancun in July, so I'll be excited to hear how your trip goes, and what tips you have!

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