Sunday, March 9, 2008


I can garuntee you that a mom did not "invent" daylight savings time! So, if Allikaye goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7, normally, she will now go to sleep at 8 and wake up at 8?!! This may seem fine, but in our mom/dad/toddler arrangement we got going...this really messes with the precious naps that are ever so dear!
Here are some pictures that prove that Miss Thing didn't follow the Daylight Savings routine like mama prayed! Matt said she was "walkin around like she owned the place" haahhaa (just like her mama)!!


Anonymous said...
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Kelly said...

It's a little embarrasing when you first start but after a while you get over it! :-)
I'm glad you did it - you look cute in your hat!

Kelly said...

P.S. My green purse is from Forever 21 - it was probably $30! Everyone has been making fun of it and calling it my gym bag because it's so big but I love it!!!

pinkmommy said...

The time change is always kind of tough on the little ones...heck, it has been rough on me, but the Princess usually adjusts pretty quickly...hope it will be the same for you!

Love those date nights! I haven't been brave enough to whip out the camera at restaurants yet, but every time I see one of Kelly's pics I think I will start.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

The time change was rough on our household too. I put Ava to bed tonight at 7:30 and it was still light out. She was NOT amused.

Anonymous said...
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