Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Good Friday!

Alright! I got Allikaye's Easter dress, shoes, and tights. And I went to glorious Target and got some Easter basket fun! Let's see...there is a cute pink poodle; a cheapo microphone that echos your voice; some frog squirters (she loves to sign 'frog'); a scary looking horse puppet; and a book : The Story of Easter. These new items will be the "coolest" for probably a good 15/20 minutes for Miss Thing.
But, oh, the joy that will come will be fun for all!

Look at these sweet eggs that our friend Brenda got Allikaye! Aren't they cute?
She even filled them up with PINK Yogurt Cheerios
(which I have posted about here)!

I also wanted to share The Story of Easter from Allie's new book. Sometimes it's good to get back to basics - and take a "childlike view" of how awesome Jesus is!

When Spring comes, baby animals are born, and flowers begin to bloom.
Springtime also brings Easter. On Easter we remember
and what He did for us.
Jesus loved all boys and girls, and mom and dads too.
He was called the Good Shepherd.
Moms and dads and boys and girls loved Jesus, too.
They laid palm branches in His path.
But some men did not like Jesus. They put Him on a cross to die.
His friends were sad.
On that first Easter, Jesus' friends met an angel.
He told them, "Jesus has risen! He is alive today!"
His friends were very happy.
We celebrate Easter because Jesus lived again on that first Easter morning.
On Easter Sunday we got to church and sing about Jesus.
Churches place crosses on their steeples to remind us of Jesus' love.

Now on Easter morning you'll know that Jesus loved us so much that...
He gave His life for us so that we can live too.

Happy Easter!! He is risen!


April said...

He is RISEN ...indeed...Great Post...cute Easter goodies too. have a wonderful one !!

Candy said...

I love her basket and all the cute goodies she is getting! Thanks for sharing from her new book. :) HAPPY EASTER!!

C said...

we got that book for Moses...he will clap at the part where Jesus rose! :)

Amber said...

I hope you will be posting pics of AlliKaye in her Easter dress!! Miss you guys!

Kelly said...

Here easter basket is so cute!!!! And I love those little animal eggs!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

LOVE the Easter basket!

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